Doi Inthanon


Doi Inthanon, originally called "Doi Luang" or "Doi Ang Ka". Doi Luang is mean a big mountain. Doi Ang Ka is from the following tale.
300 meters to the west from Doi Inthanon, there was a pond ,basin  shape (in Thai is called “Ang”). So many rookery (crow in Thai is called “KA”) used and wade this pond’ So called “Ang Ka”Later known as “ Doi Ang Ka”.
Doi inthanon is a part of the Himalayas, from Nepal across to Bhutan and Burma and end here.
What's interesting is not just only the highest mountain in the country with a height of 2,565 meters above sea level. An another is the landscape and diversity of the forest, the evergreen forest, pine forest, and the cold weather throughout the year. Especially in winter, it is covered with mist entire the day. Sometimes the dew becomes frost. These are perennially attractive to the visitors.