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Doi Inthanon

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Doi Inthanon, originally called "Doi Luang" or "Doi Ang Ka". Doi Luang is mean a big mountain. Doi Ang Ka is from the following tale.
300 meters to the west from Doi Inthanon, there was a pond ,basin  shape (in Thai is called “Ang”). So many rookery (crow in Thai is called “KA”) used and wade this pond’ So called “Ang Ka”Later known as “ Doi Ang Ka”.
Doi inthanon is a part of the Himalayas, from Nepal across to Bhutan and Burma and end here.
What's interesting is not just only the highest mountain in the country with a height of 2,565 meters above sea level. An another is the landscape and diversity of the forest, the evergreen forest, pine forest, and the cold weather throughout the year. Especially in winter, it is covered with mist entire the day. Sometimes the dew becomes frost. These are perennially attractive to the visitors.


Wat Ton Kwaen

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Wat Ton Kwaen or Wat Intrarawart. An ancient beautiful Buddhist temple,complete Lanna Unique style, was build in 2399-2412 BC.
“Ton  Kwaen” is named of plant in Lanna called, which be common found in a temple. So the first name is called “Wat Ton Kwaen”. Later change as the abbot name “Int” . Wat Intrarawart  is mean the place of the abbot name “Int”.
The importance is the relics parade, the custom ruler of Chao Luang Chiang Mai, from Jom Tong to Chiang Mai stoped and rest here. 


Baan Thawai

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A skilled crafts village, the unique of the village, famous in wood carvings. Traveler who love carving art favoring buy to decorate the house. Baan Thawai, Baan Whan,Hang Dong, Chiang Mai.


Phratat Doi Kham

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An ancient tample ages older than 1300 years in Chiang Mai. Located behind the National park (The International Horticultural Exposition),10 kilometers from Chiang Mai. Phratat Doi Kham is also a signal of avitation, define the area instead of vision, before landing at Chiang Mai International Airport.


The International Horticultural Exposition

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The International Horticultural Exposition is Varieties collected northern flowers in winter. Unique wonderful decorate and never be weakened throughout the winter. Visit here, won’t let you down.


Doi Suthep

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Wat Phatat Doi Suthep or “ Wat Doi Suthep”. Important as a Royal tample, Ratchaworaviharn. Located in The Doi Suthep - Pui National Park . At 124 Ban Doi Suthep, Moo 9, T.Doisuthep, A.Maung, Chiang Mai (3,050 Feet from sea level). Land area of 36 Rai. Visit the Hmong hill tribe villages. A view point overlooking the city of Chiang Mai.


Golf Course

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The  paradise of golfer. There are so many golf courses, nearby, for weekend relaxing and meeting.

1. Summit Green Valley Chiangmai Country Club
2. Mae Jo Golf Club & Resort
3. Royal Chiangmai Golf Club & Resort
4. Alpine Golf Resort Chiangmai
5. Chiangmai Highlands Golf And Spa Resort
6. Gassan Khuntan Golf & Resort
7. Gassan Marina Golf Club
8. Gassan Lake City Golf Club & Resort
9. Lanna Sport Center Chiangmai or LSC 


Experience elephant riding

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Close to large animals like elephants. Invite you to the elephant show, elephant riding, elephant bathing, playing and feeding the elephants.


Strawberry Farm Tour

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In the spring you can experience the strawberry farm, out of sight. Beautiful red and green of strawberry and leaves attract  you to come back again, to reminded your memory.


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